Equality Matters

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DIY - The Difference is You©

Our flagship course The Difference is You© (DIY) is introduced and narrated by the TV actor and BBC Radio Six DJ Craig Charles. 

The programme is in two parts. Part One is Understanding Diversity and Part Two is Applying Diversity  

Part One explores the three key elements in understanding diversity and these are difference, respect and fairness

Part Two examines the social case, the legal case and then the business case for adopting equality and diversity within day to day activities. It introduces the term of protected characteristics, and examines fully the various forms of discrimination. We then explore the reasons why equality should feature highly in our everyday business.

Our course can be delivered and blended in three ways and our "Methods of Delivery" page explains how and what is available.

Don't forget, we also offer a large portfolio of complementary people centric eLearning courses which you can view & access via the link on the left hand side of our website home page.

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