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Methods of Delivery

Our "The Difference is You"© (DIY) programme is at the heart of our equality & diversity training delivery - As our "flagship" course it provides a fully encompassing and proven method of delivering essential equality & diversity training to all levels of your organisation.

In addition, we have a large portfolio of complementary courses which deal with other "people centric" subjects which you can view & access via the link on the left hand side of our website home page.

We employ 3 different methods of delivery to offer the optimum medium for training, choice, flexibility and cost and can be blended together to suit different learning styles or preferences:

  • DVD-Rom: Specifically designed with the small and medium organisation in mind who's training budgets are often constrained - the DIY DVD-Rom  is a single purchase item which can be used in small groups such as team meetings and new staff inductions. There's no restriction on how many times or how many staff you train with the DVD and there's no recurring license fees. 
  • Classroom: Tailored to your business operations, this traditional method of training allows for interaction with all course attendees and uses scenario based learning to complement the core training and to develop ideas for how the organisation embraces and drives change in equality, diversity and inclusive practices. 
  • eLearning: As well as our flagship DIY course, we provide a large portfolio of other "people centric" eLearning programmes. We can set up single users, volume user groups by department or whole organisation and provide you with training progress reports at the individual student level for audit and RoI purposes. Access can be made at any time from anywhere in the world with Internet access. 

Click on our You Tube link to view our promotional video with our diversity ambassador Craig Charles

Please use the "Quick Contact" fields on our home page to tell us what method of delivery you'd like more information about - we'll call you back, ask a few questions, discuss your objectives, the best way to deliver on them and our prices.


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