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Legal Clients

Equality Matters is proud to provide training services to many UK and International Legal and Solicitors’ practices. We are delighted that these practices commend the accuracy of our training and value its content and structure to promote a wider understanding of equality & diversity in the workplace and to engender best practice.

We have been encouraged by the number of practices that have bought the DVD-Rom version of our ‘The Difference is You’© training resource in equality and diversity since its release as a one-off purchase resource.

We acknowledge that these organisations may be utilising the programme not only for their own internal use but, moreover, to have a library resource which can be used with clients on a loan-out or train-out basis, when practical everyday issues relating to equality, diversity and discrimination arise.

This use of our resource is fully acceptable to us, and indeed is in line with our initiative to create a single-purchase, free of licensing and open-use version of our successful ‘The Difference is You’© programme to provide holistic, affordable, unrestricted and accurate training on equality and diversity typically to the SME community, who are often chronically underserved with information on how equality and diversity situations impacts on them.

Equality Matters are very open to forming partnering or reseller arrangements for our products with representative associations for their members - if this is of interest to you please get in touch.

Below is a small sample of the legal practices that have bought our DVD-Rom. All of the practices were urgently seeking a ready-made solution to their equality and diversity training challenges, and we provided this solution in the form of ‘The Difference is You’©. We continue to receive enquiries and orders on a daily basis.

You can order ‘The Difference is You’© by using the “Buy DVD” link.

Below are some of our clients:

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