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Our Associates

We have a network of associate consultants who we can call upon to assist with any specialist issues that may arise.

Zoya Zuvcenko – Associate Consultant/Trainer

Zoya trains and supports staff to understand, manage and recognise the abilities of those with Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia, ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome. Within this sphere, she focuses on confidence development, organisation skills, communication skills and time management. She provides a lively and innovative approach to training by drawing on a wealth of hands-on and theoretical experience. Situations are explored through group discussion, experiential methods, reflective observation and direct teaching using the experiences of participants to enhance the training.

Chris Neale – Barrister, Legal Associate and Consultant/Trainer

Chris has considerable experience of case handling and case preparation, extensive experience of legal and report writing at the most senior levels and has the ability to reduce extensive briefs into concise resumes and advice. He has worked in many areas and venues, predominantly focused on criminal and human rights law, and in dealing with clients ranging from Government Ministers to senior advocates through to providing pro-bono advice on legal issues.

Greg Allen – Associate Consultant/Trainer

Greg has years of training experience and draws on the knowledge gained from his PhD research into managing culturally diverse teams. Greg's approach to equality & diversity, mediation, disability Awareness and cross cultural management training is refreshing, engaging and practical. A safe, relaxed learning environment ensures that delegates feel confident in expressing their views and concerns.

Amber Asher – Associate Consultant/Trainer

Amber has many years experience working within a training environment; she has a Post Graduate Diploma in HR, and comes from a varied professional background giving her a good grounding in understanding both the needs of the public and the private sector. She has infectious enthusiasm and a drive and passion for high quality training and development. She has eight years experience working in a training, development and consulting environment with a focus on equality and diversity, equality impact assessment, service excellence, bullying and harassment, training design, development and facilitation.

These associates give a sample of the quality and standard of consultant available to Equality Matters. We also retain many other associates and partners who deal with other aspects of equality and diversity, including access audits, specialist disability issues, and health and safety.

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