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Our Ambassador - Craig Charles

When we were looking for a well known personality to add the compelling video and audio layers to our eLearning and DVD training, we approached the popular Coronation Street and Red Dwarf actor and BBC Radio Six DJ Craig Charles.

Right from our first meeting, we were tremendously impressed with Craig's energy and his willingness to talk openly about his life experiences, including both his achievements and his mistakes.

He shared his first-hand experiences beginning from his childhood, growing up in a mixed-race family in a tough community in Liverpool. Craig has had many challenges to face throughout his life because he is black , some even quite recently.

Craig's natural wit combined with his passion elevates our training to leave a lasting impression.

Why Craig Charles?:

We knew instantly we'd found an ambassador who was "REAL", having faced barriers, made mistakes and overcome them.

You can view our promotional video by Craig here.

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